Kianga Amali - Sonnenschein & Hoffnung
Now we have it in black and white ....... ...
Enaya is pregnant!!!

More in the "C-litter diary"
Autumn is coming and we are in the middle, instead of just watching .........
Today  the beautiful weather lured us out into nature to love us with our friends and family
treffen.Nach to a nice relaxing walk we sat still indulge in coffee and delicious cake and then our meeting with a large dog Tobe round finish.
HerbstfarbenShani, Enaya und ichRayhaPeter macht faxen
PaulaKinderfreundlich !Enaya

"TEXEL" ........., our new dream island :-)))))
This year we spent our fall vacation on the beautiful Dutch island "Texel"
and are just thrilled!! People, climate, food, beach, sea and especially the friendliness Dogs have
fascinated. We were able to spend the holidays with our dear friends and puppy parents from our B-litter there.
Thanks for the great week with you, dear Britta, Leo, Nic, Peter and Colin. We are already looking forward to the next trip with our dear euch.Für website visitors, we have brought a few impressions. Have fun while looking at the pictures :-)!
NalaNala und ShaniShani und Nala
Rayha, Nala und ShaniNalaShaniEnaya
NalaRayha beim MüllsammelnRayha und Nala
First honeymoon at sea ......... then in Cologne wedding dream wedding ....... ........
More below ....
Chiwambo we come .......
In glorious sunshine, we started on Friday, 27.09.2013 Cologne, according to Hoffnungsthal Enaya `s Chiwambo groom and his pack. After a short, intense greeting then the mating was immediately executed and as it did the last litter to Enaya and Chiwambo proved perfect couple. We could then spend 2 wonderful days in Cologne and would like to thank you, dear Heike, thank you for the amazing, loving hospitality. It was beautiful and we felt like at home!
                                              The puppies are expected in late November :-)!
Progesterone test in the TMH Hanover ........
On 24/09/2013 we went to seek to establish the appropriate timing cover with Enaya in the Veterinary College in Hanover. With incredible patience and balance our princess who issued all investigations about yourself. Always with an eye on the treat box, from which there was ample reward. The tension rises with us now to the question, "When the time comes"
Sometimes it comes out differently than expected, 
or why the 13.09.2013 a lucky day ................. ;-))))?!
Today our cute mouse Enaya has 5 weeks late last to be considered provisional.
We plan our C-litter for January 2013! The small "Löwenjägerchen" may then February 2014
move to their new families.
If you are interested in a puppy from this particular mating:
Umvuma Henaya & Chiwambo Baha de Kiungwana
have, please contact us at an early stage in order to plan a mutual acquaintance.
We look forward to you :-)!
HP. NEWS all the litter, learn it from now on under the heading THROWS / DIARY!!
or yearning for puppy scent in the house .........
Since one is nothing, and we are Enaya think that it is about time our house again with small,
to fill Löwenjägerchen sweet ;-)., the question of the stud dog we did not need to ask us, because it was a foregone conclusion that Chiwambo Baha de Kiungwana for us and Enaya the best dad in the world
Enthusiastic "New Generation" of young sollte.Der be Enaya and Chiwambo from our B-litter us again and again. Their beauty, strength of character, the excellent exterior, the great pigmentation, child friendliness, unique mating and more, we are sure that the 
"New Generation", the heart of the future puppy parents beat faster :-)!
We are very grateful and proud that Heike Holm and Hunter us her Dreamboy for a second Mating trust.
If you are interested in a puppy from this particular mating, please contact early
 with us, so you can get to know us and our dogs.
Of course we would like to also like to take a picture of our future puppy parents and are very pleased to be allowed to get to know you.
Happy BIRTHDAY ....... Enaya
Our beloved Enaya Mouse celebrates 09.09. Her 4th 2013 Birthday. The cute mouse charms every day our lives and is an integral part of this.
Enaya love, we wish you all the luck in the world and that you continue to remain a healthy shine. THANK YOU, that we may share our lives with you.
Kianga Amali Bajani rocks the ring ............,
if that is not a good start for a sharp exhibition career? Bajani has Schoningen a wonderful V2 Res.Anw.Club.-VDH erlaufen.Voller pride and with an impressive judge's report in his luggage, he returned with his owner Jasmine Bode of his second Exhibition back. Dear Jasmin, rather Bajani we congratulate you for this great success and are totally happy.Der foundation for a sharp exhibition career is set ;-))!
 "Thani" ......, this name is law .
Once again inspire us the pictures of one of our "Löwenjägerchen" and you can see how a beautiful seasoned Ridgeback dog has become of this little "Lord LIGHT BLUE". Thani boasts a balance, his beauty and his excellent character. Thank you dear Frauke and dear Michael for the beautiful pictures. We look forward to seeing you again soon with you :-)!
Our summer holiday in Turkey was beautiful and we are well rested landed with many new ideas and intensive planning for our C-litter back into the home. The reunion with Shani and Enaya was in the truest sense of the word "stunning" ;-)))! In our hearts we had the two princesses of course there also and so this photo was taken.
My God, how time flies ...
also Rayha is now already 18 months old and we got pictures that gave us goosebumps. Rayha has grown into a beautiful dog lady twisted her head to males. Since Rayha all lives in our neighborhood, we have the great fortune to the sweet mouse veeery often be experienced live and are very happy and grateful darüber.Nicht only Rayha is very dear to us, but also Britta, Peter and Colin enrich our life very much and we are very happy about this precious friendship.
Diego visits his mom .....
all überrschend visited us Mr. Blue (Diego) with his family and the joy was enormous, not only in the 4-bony, Diego has kept what he has already promised as a puppy. He still impresses with its stunning looks and great personality. A male to fall in love and the pride of mistress and Herrchen.Die Ridgeback Ladies world has a new hero ;-)).
A beautiful day in Schieder-Schwalenberg
or "if the mother with the Son" ......... ;-)))))
On Saturday we visited Enaya's son Bakar, and were lovingly by Martina, Vanessa and Claus in reception
genommen.Bei sunshine, super delicious cakes and pleasant conversation, time passed much too schnell.Bakar was completely thrilled to have times his mom all to herself and the two omitted raged through the beautiful garden :-))! !
Thank you, dear and dear Martina Claus for the beautiful hours with euch.Es was soooo nice and we come back very soon.
Why into the distance ........
when the resin is still right outside the front door?
A beautiful Sunday in resin with (almost) bright sunshine and very "family"!
Abu from the A-litter sends greetings ......
Dear Mrs. Wilke, thank you very much for the pictures of the beautiful Abubakar. The small Nuckelmonsterchen is a whole "guy" has become the great resemblance to his grandfather Abutambu. We look forward to times 'live' soon to experience the treasure.
Pentecost 2013
We spent a few nice days with dear friends at Lake Constance on Pentecost. Even though the weather has not always been entirely played, we enjoyed the time and the very many beautiful impressions. Shani was very happy to go with her best friend "Ella" together on an expedition and was Enaya of the two "big ones" from time to tolerated. Dear Ingrid and Bernd rather, it was as always very nice with you and we are looking forward to our next trip together. (With hopefully better weather!!)
Nala is on vacation with us and wrapped aunt and mom Shani Enaya the "paw".
Enaya `s daughter Nala, made 12 days holiday with us, and the second time in their At home clearly enjoyed. Nala is a sunshine that you just have to love them. With their curious, cuddly and alert type, they always brought us laugh again and the parting was incredibly hard for us. Fortunately, however, we must also Nala and their two-legged look quite often, like all the other descendants of Enaya because we have grown to a large "family" together. Thank you to all parents for puppies! 
Birthday celebration at Mama is still the best ......
be thought Enaya `s son Bajani and visited us on his birthday with his two-legged. Shani, Enaya Bajani and enjoyed the nice walk and the rollicking romp common. We are incredibly proud of what a beautiful dog Bajani be developed. He not only by his appearance, but also with his great personality and his exemplary social behavior. Dear Jasmin and dear Markus, you can be proud of you (we are anyway), how great is your treasure has developed in your great education. Everything right! Thank you at this point again for the wonderful image of Bajani what delights us every day!
Our B-litter celebrating his first Birthday and we congratulate all my heart!
It is hard to believe that the small Löwenjägerchen are now already 1 year old. We are incredibly proud and happy that all the 9's baby have so wonderfully developed by Enaya and Chiwambo and have grown into beautiful young dogs approach.
Not only the baby's have enriched our lives so we want to miss a single second with the associated bipeds. There have thus developed great friendships, for which we are very grateful.
16 . 03.2013
Exhibition Recklinghausen 03.03.2013 and Diego with Susanne middle :-)))) .........!
Our offspring male Kianga-Amali Bhubesi Diego and owner Susanne have mastered their first exhibition with flying colors in Recklinghausen. Among Judge Dianna Spavin (UK) Diego erlief in the heavily occupied a wonderful SG Junior class and got a promising judge's report. Dear Susan, a very big praise You for the great presentation of Diego and your security in your (your) Release the ring :-)!
We are very proud of you and press for all other exhibitions that you visit our fingers crossed.
HP. For Diego on Saturday we hold a special treat ready ;-)))!!!
Also from "Löwenjägerchen" are stately Ridgeback dog ...........!
Today we received great pictures of our breeding males Kianga-Amali Bomani (Mr. Yellow).
We are thrilled to how beautiful young dog he has developed.
09/10.03.2011 - 09/10.03.2013
Our A-litter celebrating his 2nd birthday and we congratulate with Mom "Shani" with all my heart and wish you all the very best and love :-))!!
Young dogs meeting the Kianga-Amali `s in the snowy resin ........... :-)))))!!!
On Sunday it was time for all lion hunters Enaya's litter, as well as their two-legged "get up early".
We met at 11 clock in the beautiful wintry resin and started the day with a glass of champagne and a delicious cake buffet from the trunk of our organizers Kerstin and Michael then Bashima.Nach the hearty, warm welcome we went to a field where the dogs as properly omitted blew and were able to measure their forces ;-). For Frank and me, it was to see a beautiful, heartrending picture, how wonderful the "babies" have developed and it makes us incredibly proud and happy to know the dogs in sooo good hands. Just "THANK YOU" to you!! After a nice walk was then thought of the physical well and we stopped at a very nice restaurant in Clausthal Zellerfeld, with the significant name of "LUCK". There we were well looked culinary and our four-legged friends were there welcome Gäste.Am end this beautiful day together we all agreed that such a meeting should take place again very soon, because "family" is what wonderful ;-)) ! At this point, again a very big thank you to you, dear Kerstin and dear Michael for the great organization and all your effort!!
So, now but written enough and simply enjoy viewing the pictures ....................
                        "From a small beginning of spring all things."
Our beloved Shani is celebrating its 5th Birthday. Our lives are enriched by you "Shani" in a wonderful way every day, every hour, every minute and every second. We look forward to many more happy and healthy years with our sunshine.
Visit Bajani and his two legged ....
Today we visited Enaya's son Bajani with his family and we can spend a lovely afternoon together. Bajani has developed into a magnificent young males and we are impressed by its balance, its beauty and its social behavior. Dear Jasmin and dear Marcus, you've really done everything right. We are proud of you because you are on a super way with him.
Keep it up :-))))))))!!!!
Winter idyll in the Solling ........
Although we did not quite expect snow, we were looking forward more so than we saw today out the window. Now we could no longer hold fast and we agreed to meet with dear friends and enjoyed sun, forest, snow and raging dogs. See for yourself .......
               New Year's holiday Timmendorfer beach and a good start to the year 2013 .........
A relaxing short break we spent with dear friends on the Baltic Sea and had a lot of fun and joy. The dogs as much as we enjoyed the beach, the ocean and the long walks! It was as always very nice with you, dear Ingrid, dear Bernd, dear Silke and Rene and we are looking forward immensely to our next meeting!
January 2013
We wish all our friends, puppy parents and friends for the lovely Christmas post that many mail's,
Calls and packet thanks. We were totally overwhelmed by so much love and so full of love words recognition.
Thanks for everything! You are so prepared and shown that we are important to you a great joy!! 
Christmas Impressions of Kianga Amalis
Merry Christmas ......
We thank the Fotografenmeistein Sabine Mischke from Einbeck for the spontaneous photo shoot and the ensuing beautiful images.
A wonderful, common Autumn walk with Enaya `s" Babies "
 and beloved friends! ............!!!
Today we looked at some puppy parents getroffen.Das a common Herbstspaziergang weather was at its best, so we even could catch some rays and indulge us on the hotel "Einbeck Sonnenberg" with coffee and delicious cake terrace were . The four-legged friends have raved extensively together and had a lot of fun :-)!
But you convinced yourself ....... ;-)!
The journey is the destination .........!!
Full of anticipation for a few days relaxing on the beach hen in Denmark, with love and friends
wonderful dogs in our luggage, we were on our way Norden.Dort tions we spent a gorgeous, unforgettable Zeit.Es agreed from A "time out" to Z "Enchanting together" everything!!
Enaya enjoyed it very much to romp with her "baby's" Nala and Rayha through the dunes and on the beach. Sometimes the game was so wild that "Aunt" Shani had to intervene with a deep Grandad to the youthful exuberance to stoppen.Wir enjoyed the days that went by way too fast, very. The long walks on the beach, super good food (thanks to Nic :-)), the funny games evenings that are lounging in front of a roaring log fire, a delicious soft ice cream and crepes, strolling through the "outlets" and the dogs süüüüüüüüßen us sooo long remain in your memory!!!! THANK YOU dear Leonie, Britta.Colin, Nic and Peter for that super great holiday with you!!!! But let us not be sad that it's over, because after the holiday is before holiday ;-)))!!
B-Litter puppies meeting
In bright sunshine, the first B-litter puppies meeting was held in our beautiful city of Einbeck forest
"On the Hube" statt.Was that was for a reunion between all two-and four-legged friends. The "little ones"
have developed and are wonderful to have stately Ridgebacks herangewachsen.Alle Löwenjägerchen
real "glory family" found where wird.Wir done everything imaginable possible for them, as breeders, are very thankful and very proud of you!! THANK you so much in your role as a "dog parents" comes up and the four-legged friends as much love and attention gives :-)))))))! Especially we would like the Heike love, the love and Ralf Holm thank that you have taken all the way to you in order to meet the puppy would teilzunehmen.Was the images on our HP only, without a "Hunter Holm" including ;-))! THANK YOU dear Heike, for the beautiful photo's! After the Ridgi `s have raged orderly, was told and laughed a lot, was wonderful feasted and drank a wonderful day came to an end. All agreed that such a meeting should take place familiar again very soon. We are planning and looking forward to it already ......!!!
Lake Como
Vacation, holiday .................... finally,
our summer vacation this year took us to Italy, on the beautiful Lake Como.
We had two very relaxing weeks there and had a lot of fun with Shani and Enaya that the
Sea, sunshine and heat haben.Bei enjoyed some impressions you can perhaps already dreaming of your next holiday ;-))!!
All Löwenjägerchen arrived well in their new homes .............,
have settled in wonderfully and make the everyday life neatly on the head :-))
Many beautiful pictures, reports, emails and calls reach us almost every day and for that we would like to wholeheartedly bedanken.Es is soooooo nice to know that it all goes well and all the puppies parents cope with their new role as great. It confirms us even more is to have selected the best puppy parents in the world. We are very proud of you. THANK YOU!!!!!
What is better than to look soooo wonderful images?
Part 2 of pictures of the puppies meeting. Have fun watching and determines goosebumps sooo much!!
Now the little sweet treasure Thani his new family has been entrusted. the parting was us particularly hard, since Mr Light Blue was already fully integrated with us. Luckily, he's not quite so far away and we visit him regularly :-))
Mr Light Blue has received a visit from his sister and his great friend Pauline Rayha ...........
The Rascals had a lot of fun together clearly and Pauline once again showed their incredibly great social skills. Thani and Rayha tried in the discipline "rods long train" on the Guinness Book of Records to work hard and Pauli had ;-) endure everything patiently themselves)! Enaya gave her two "babies" a few well-intentioned education with advice on the way and all dogs raged together again omitted.
Time to say goodbey ..............
Now it is with a heavy heart to say goodbye to the little lion hunters :-( (.
We are overjoyed that our lives have sooo much to enrich the sweet Ridgis 8 weeks and we were able to experience with Enaya, Aunt Shani and the love puppy parents, such a wonderful time :-). All Infants (up to
"Mr Light Blue") arrived well in her new home and provide the daily routine of their families properly on the head ;-). Mr Light Blue enriched our family life until Wednesday, then to move to his new home where he is already expected dearly. We want our puppy parents say THANK YOU again for the confidence you have placed in us and for the love which now continues to give her the little Löwenjägerchen. You are all truly "great" and we could not ask for better "parents" for the babies!!
Bomani (yellow)
Rayha (red)
Bashima (pink)
Nala (Pink)
Bakar (Orange)
Diego (dark blue)
Bajani (green)
Baxter (White)
Thani (light blue) is still waiting ......... and enjoys our full attention.
On Sunday we met up with all puppy parents to a wonderful, delicious brunch with us.
It was feasted, laughed, talked shop with the puppies cuddled, and played fantastically beautiful photos
(Thanks to our dear friend Heike Jäger) gemacht.Das weather was at its best and all two-and four-legged both had a lot of fun together :-)!
In particular, we were all delighted that also Heike and Holm hunters with their beautiful dogs Abutambu, Chiwambo and Eastwood could be there!! Love Heike 1000 thanks for the beautiful pictures that you have taken. Just awesome, but convince yourself of it :-))))!!!
Part 1:
We are now 8 weeks "old" and there are new impressions of us.
Juchuhhhhh, now we must introduce themselves sometimes ...........
Mrs. Pink
I will Germanys Next Top Model and behave even so, not to mention my appearance completely. Restraint, fairness and balance characterize me. My skin shines like silk and velvet and my eyelashes you can convince yourself it myself .....! My name "Bashima" is making headlines ;-).
Ms. Red
They call us Löwenjägechen, but my real name is "Baina Rahya". I am a very cuddly, but also bright girl. When my mom, my dad and my big brother Colin come visit me, I enchant all with my incredible charm. Oh yes, pasta and steak tartare are my passion. 
Mrs. Rosa
My mom calls me Capt'n Sharky breeders, but in real life my name is "Baina Nala". I am a little cuddle monster, but also love to play and love to romp through the ball pit. Soon I move to the city of Lübeck marzipan and am carried there by my parents cuddle legged on hands.
Mr Light Blue
I am "Bashiri Thani" and the quietest and most balanced boy in the pack. My absolute passion is the stuffed animals that I carry full of euphoria through the puppy pen. Since I am a connoisseur, I am always especially if there is something delicious to eat. The visits of my future family I find just great!
Mr. Green
The still waters run deep, excels at me from getting more. I'll "Bajani" called and am very diverse.
Sleep eat, play, cuddle, wrestle and run around me are just in the blood. My new family is certainly never a dull moment with me. My little sisters Kiara Jolien and I will always protect you.  
Mr. White
Can these eyes lie?? I wear the honorable name "Baxter" and I am the absolute eye catcher. I can no longer even expect to move into the Sauerland, because I will be there at the feet of my great new family. Dear Tim, soon we will be together rock the ring ;-)))))))!!!
Mr. Orange
I can not get anything out of the rest, even if my brother pulls my ears long. I stand on top of things, but I am very alert and outgoing. I especially love it with every thing that comes in your way to cuddle. I'm not a "little rascal" but an "angel" they say. My real name will be "Bakar".
Mr. Blue
I wait and wait here in the door that I very soon get visit from mum and dad. I have so kind and can not wait to be picked up.
My name is "Bhubesi Diego" and I mix here at the shop really. I like to fight for my life with my siblings and I have a lot of nonsense in your head. Sheep I need virtually no, or great??
Mr. Yellow
After I dug in vain for gold, I'm going to tell you my name. My name is "Bumani" and I am a very particular and rather friendly lion hunters. Play with my siblings and romp through the garden, I enjoy most. My mommy Enaya has much pleasure in me because I am so good. Soon my brother Emilio will jointly explore the world with me and I'm looking forward to it very much.
The seventh week draws to a close, we take a week Extra.
More can be found at B-litter diary seven weeks.
So we make life fun!!
Sun. Garden, play, and lots of delicious Fresserchen visit :-)).
Please you convinced yourself under B-litter diary six weeks . 
The fifth week is over and we now use the garden, but see for yourself
More impressions can be found at B-litter diary 5 weeks.
We left our litter box, now explore the big wide world
and fed is now "off-site" ;-)).
 What else we do, can you at B-litter diary 4Woche  discover!
There are encounters with people who make life worth living!!
                                                                                                              Guy de Maupassant
All small Löwenjägerchen have captured the hearts of their puppy parents in the storm and all were her "babies" now also personally involved in the arms schließen.Wir are so happy and grateful to have found such love puppy parents for the little rascals and would like to make a very big "THANK YOU" loswerden.Danke for the many loving, beautiful souvenirs to thank heartwarming mails, phone calls, text messages and simple, that you are so, HOW you are!! Just TIP :-))))). We look forward to many years together with you and the lion hunters.
Your Simone and Frank with Shani and Enaya
We grow and grow .........
We now have tripled our body weight.

Impressions from the litter box ..........
Yay, we've rested and now comes the promised detailed report and a few current photo `s
Pictures say more than 1000 words ........

All the rest ...... The 3 girls.
                           Since hands will be,
                           and you bear the arms,
                           where you are safe
                           and people
                           show you no questions asked,
                           that you're welcome.
Followed by a detailed report when we a
Mützchen have fully indulged sleep.
Enaya and mistresses have applied for maternity leave and retire to the
Litter box back ............

Now my Topmodellfigur finally fades .......

and it is time to relate my litter box.

Our live cam was installed today by our dear friend Alexandra Erb (Matobo Hills), and next week is enabled. Since shared joy is double joy, we would like to share with all our puppy buyers, friends and website visitors to the development of our little lion hunters. Thank you dear Alex for your terrific help. YOU are "TOP" :-)!
Today we received a beautiful photo of our "Women RED" (Abeo) from our A-litter.
Abeo has become a very expressive, well-tempered bitch, with a beautiful dark pigment
developed. The sweetness makes their owners very much joy and enriched their lives greatly. Thank you dear Katrin and dear Martin for the great picture of your two princesses and you always keep us up to date. 
Like a roly-belly from the belly .......
Your (my) Footprints in the Sand .....

On the weekend we spent a "woman power pregnancy leave" Timmendorfer beach. With wonderful spring-like temperatures we took long walks on the beach and enjoy sun, sand and Mee (h) r. Notice "expectant mom" ​​reported in her diary.
                                           Enaya enjoying her pregnancy to the fullest ......
                                                        More from B-litter diary.
Summer Feeling ........
On Saturday we went for a nice walk around the North Kiessee bucket.
Shani, Enaya and her dear friend Pauline enjoyed the first warm rays of the sun and took the same
a dip in the lake. So not Ridgeback typical, but yes you want the girlfriend in no way inferior ;-)))!
Dear Marina, dear Pauline, the trip was really nice with you and I hope that many more follow.
(The delicious ice cream in the Seeterassen but literally screams at us, hehehe)    
                                                 Now we have it black on white
                                                         Enaya our princess is pregnant!!!
We are very happy and grateful and happy of heart on the little "lion hunters" that will carry into our house on 19/04/2012 puppy scent. Enaya has to report some new again in her diary.
Please click here.
                                HAPPY BIRTHDAY "small Fressmonsterchen"
09/10.03.2012 on our A-litter celebrating its first Birthday.
We are thrilled with how wonderful to Shani's and Bakari's descendants have developed and would like to express our great thanks to all former puppy parents that all Ridgi `have such a loving home s. Our "little Fressmonsterchen" We wish all the best and yet many happy years with their two-legged. A many thanks to all puppy parents for the beautiful photo's.  
On 18 February 2012 celebrated Chiwambo and our princess Enaya their long-awaited wedding. After an intimate, loving foreplay Enaya gave her chosen the "YES-word"!! The little lion hunters are expected around April 20, 2012. We are thrilled and can fill up the puppy scent our house flows through the time hardly wait. Thank you dear Heike and rather spar that you have entrusted us with your beautiful prince for mating. We appreciate this very much. 
Everything else under B-litter diary .
                                           HAPPY BIRTHDAY love SHANI
Our Princess Shani celebrates her birthday today.
4 wonderful years you have given us with your loyalty, love, devotion, unconditional, honesty .........
given. We enjoy every second with you love Shani. Our lives have been so enriched by you
and we hope to have very many happy years with you.
Today we received a very lovely message from the future "Puppy Mama's" Chiara and Joline. We were pleased thrilled about the sweet image and two mice thank you for this!!
Now I report (Enaya) asked to speak ........... ;-))))))!
Now there's all the news here .
Shared joy is double joy ........!
As it always draws us back to the beautiful Timmendorfer beach, where we feel very comfortable with Shani and Enaya, we are even happier to have found a wonderful holiday there. Everything is perfect!
Nice owner, great location, great decor, ground floor with garden and especially dogs are welcome. Since dog owners are sooo nice apartments very rare for us, we want to share with you our joy and you provide a link to the apartment. 

                                                                 Great holiday :-)))))!!!
                                                     In all beginnings dwells a magic!
                                                                    - Hermann Hesse -

After us our beloved Enaya has put on the rack long enough to finally redemption.
                                                         Our "Small" is in heat!!!
With great pleasure now, preparations are natural for the mating of Enaya and Chiwambo at full speed.
From now on it will contain "B-roll" all the news from the beginning, exciting and eventful time in diary.
Calm before the storm .......!
To front of our B-litter planned with Enaya and Chiwambo can gather strength again, we moved to the Baltic Sea in glorious weather. There we saw beautiful days with long walks on the beach, excellent food (Thank you dear dear Leonie and Nick for the wonderful evening), lovable friends and many quadrupeds. We were once again delighted with what loyalty and pattern of social behavior and Shani Enaya also mastered tricky situations with other dogs. The two had a lot of fun playful romp on the beach and to sniff out many new impressions. Back home, we wait now looking forward to Enaya's heat and want to tell at this point all of our future puppy parents "THANK YOU" for their patience. As already said, the old saying: "Good things take time."

Sprint .........!
New Year's Eve with dear friends and we have very many sweet dogs for a walk around
made by nature. All two-and four-legged friends had a lot of fun and a repeat is planned.
But see for yourself ......

The countdown has begun .........!!
The voltage before mating of Enaya and 
Chiwambo to skyrocket. There have 
now have some love puppy buyers 
presented. As with our A-litter we are 
very grateful and happy so great puppy parents 
get for our "babies". We look forward 
on the time together with you!
A beautiful weekend with dear friends and great dogs ........
And once again, we moved to the beach Timmendorfer around us there with our dear friends Ingrid and Bernd
our future puppy parents Leonie and Nick and sister Shani and Enayas Jamu to meet together with bipeds. With beautiful fall weather we were able to take long walks on the beach and both two-and four-legged friends had a lot of fun together. Thank you all for the beautiful moments together.
11.11.2011 When dreams become reality .........
Now it is finally time for Enaya has chosen for her prince charming. Her sire is
Chiwambo Baha de Kiungwana be.
Full of anticipation, emotions and happiness we are pleased with our Princess Enaya to mating,
which will take place in January 2012. We have Chiwambo chosen because it was a beautiful, essentially fixed,
masculine male with excellent conformation and is top rated. His dark pigment stands out in particular, and emphasizes its incredible presence. Chiwambo is purely African descent and African Enayas lines we are sure that at this very special breeding beautiful little lion hunter `` `` see the light of the world.
Our sincere thanks go to Heike and Holm Hunter ( ) who give their dream males available. We are looking forward to the common puppyhood.
If you are interested in a puppy from this particular mating, we are very pleased to meet you early.
Enaya makes leaps into the air .....
Juchuhhhhh, now I can get puppies and also looking forward to my first own litter.
I mastered my role as "Aunt" in Shani `s puppies so with flying colors and was able to talk exercise vigorously, as it is with so little rascals. Who will be my Prince Charming, I'll tell you too soon. The litter is planned for spring 2012. I am happy and I hope you do too!!
Your Enaya
Palpitations, excitement and a great deal of confidence in the luggage .......
On 07.10.2011 our journey led us to Schweinfurt, where on 08.10.2011, the breeding exam to be held Burkhard Seibel under the VDH judge. After spending a wonderful evening in company with dear friends at the Hotel Mercure, we fell into bed exhausted. Unfortunately, sleep was not to think about with excitement. In the morning the alarm clock rang at 7, quickly showered, ate breakfast and then we found ourselves at the dog place surrounded by many excited two-and four-legged friends again. After the welcome and briefing our Hauptzuchtwartin testing began. Enaya was very calm and confident throughout the test. All tasks assigned to it filled her with flying colors, got an excellent rating and exterior received the full breeding approval!
We are incredibly proud of our princess and look forward wholeheartedly about this great result. Of course we do not want to miss all the other specimens on passing ZZP to congratulate. It was a great day with you all! At this point, a many thanks to our friends Heike Hunter and Alexandra Erb for the beautiful photo `s
There are wonderful to tell, just where do we start ........??
After this spring we had our first litter with our own beloved Shani and this time as a
have experienced vast gift, we decided to also Shani `s sister Umvuma Henaya prepare for breeding. Since we `s are no friends of long speeches, it went quite quickly to the action. We went through with Enaya all breeding studies that have been diagnosed with top rated.
                                  Dilute status = DD homozygous undiluted coat color
                                  HD A ED 0 OCD free degree
Our joy at such great findings course was huge and so further planning took its course .......!!
Today we had our first puppy meeting in the beautiful city of Einbeck forest.
It was a great pleasure to see how the sisters romped with each other, have played and wrestled. Even Mama Shani, Dad Bakari, and "aunt" Enaya and visiting dogs Ella, Paula and Gaju had a lot of fun and have the time with the "little ones" very much!!
It was just a very successful Sunday in circles our puppy parents, friends and the four-legged friends.
With a glass of champagne, delicious salads and grilled experience was a lot of laughter, exchanged and found that another meeting will follow soon.
We would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for the beautiful hours, the gifts and love the delicious salads and look forward to seeing you again soon!!
Who has never had a dog, do not know what to say to be loving and being loved .
                                                                                      Arthur Schopenhauer
Happy birthday to you ........!!!
Our beloved princess Enaya is 2 years old today!!
Love Enaya.
We congratulate you on your birthday and wish for many more years together with you
You have made our lives over the last 2 years with your arrogance, your curiosity, your playfulness and your Ridgeback typical small dick head quite nicely on the head and yet we want to miss a single second with you!!! It is an incredible asset come through you into our lives and we are proud of you Enaya!!
Your pack
PS .. We thank Heike hunters and Hubert Steinke for this wonderful dog!
Al le year again .........
This year we moved back to Bad Wildungen in the beautiful Maritime - site
Elsa Specialty Dog Show. Despite the autumnal temperatures on the first show day, we received did not spoil the mood and enjoyed it so much love to see good friends again and to be able to perform many nice conversations. At this point we would also like to congratulate all of the great show results! We were also very pleased with Enaya `s rating. They latched on in the Occupied with 15 bitches class under judge M. Klopsch a SG and got an excellent judge's report, which I quote as follows:
2 year old dog. Set up correctly. Full of substance. Bitches typical head. Curtains correctly. Scherr final ok. Very good neck and shoulder line. Straight Rücken.Crowns Ridge and correct. Angulation front very well. Fluent movement step sequence correctly.
After an exciting show day we went for a cozy evening Part over and we sat in funny round with good food and a delicious wine with dear friends together :-)! Thanks to Heike, Holm, Alex, Andy, Gabi, Frank, Tomi and Sarah for the beautiful hours with you!
Sunday, the weather was at its best and then rounded the nice weekend in Bad Wildungen from. We are already looking forward to the show next year! 
Post from Nuremberg Aragorn :-)))))
Today we received from Shani's son Aragorn from our A-litter sooo love post with beautiful pictures in the Appendix. Aragorn has developed into a magnificent "boys" and we are very proud of him! You may also read for themselves what has to report once small "Mr. Blue"!
Hello people,
believe it or not, now I'm already 20 weeks old. How time flies. I'm doing wonderful,
I develop beautifully - even if I occasionally prepare my people pack abdominal pain.
Time I had a fever, sometimes ne bee stings me in the lips (looked funny - had something of a platypus), sometimes I'm too quick with weight gain. As I said, my people more upset than me. Have great fun - must always watch what I call "good" doing my pack next. Currently I am working
intensively with newspapers, I read everything that strikes me as the snout. However, I have to look more often lately then. Well, there's always something happening with us. Today I'm also the first time in the young dog school. No more fuss with puppies - is indeed what little! Speaking of small height. 52 cm, weight: 18.1 kg! But is no longer so mini.So, now I have to go again, I hope you are all doing well? Many greetings and limp engined particularly wet to my mom and aunt.
Bye Your Aragorn
What a great guy! ...........!
A big thank you to Fam Wilke for the super beautiful images of our sweet Mr. White, from the now already become a handsome Kianga-Amali Abubakar is. The pictures speak for themselves, may grow up with as much love and comfort of the beautiful male!!
Holiday ....... finally holiday!!
We spent our summer vacation this year in Denmark at the beautiful "hen beach". The weather was not quite as played as we had hoped for that, but that can not deter us from long walks by the sea and in the dreamlike nature. We were accompanied by our dear friend Britta and Jan Lennard and Shani `s daughter Amali. The three dogs have enjoyed it so boisterous romp, splash and play and are partially fallen right on the beach into a deep sleep from exhaustion. But see for yourself, pictures say a thousand words ............!! Further impressions in our gallery
With great interest, joy and gratitude, we take the photo `s and the reports on the development of Shani and Bakari` s Puppies part. We are very happy that all unfold so gloriously `s and grow into beautiful Ridgi! Our special thanks go to the puppy parents. You are all so full of devotion for the kids, that's just suuuuuuper!! HERE you will find more images.
 After our puppies have now done all her trip to her new home, it is time to think of getting back to us. As so often, we moved once again to the Timmendorfer beach to meet up there with dear friends. The days on the lake were very harmonious and relaxing and the two-and the four-legged friends have enjoyed the long walks on the beach very much. Shani enjoyed with her friend Ella newly won freedom :-)!! Thank you dear dear Ingrid and Bernd for the beautiful days with you. 
More images in the gallery below Timmdorf 06/2011 .
Today it is now having to take from our last little rascals Aragorn farewell. Aragorn
allowed our family life still 2 more weeks to more than enrich his siblings. The parting was hard for us because Aragorn has already conquered a permanent place in our hearts and give us so much fun and joy has prepared. Dear Sandra, dear Mark, we know the little treasure with you in the best hands and are very grateful that we found love in you as "parents" for him. We look forward to seeing you again in the Nuremberg Christmas Market.
What a wonderful Mother's Day! ..........!
We made a trip to the Sleeping Beauty Castle Sababurg and the adjacent zoo.
The small Aragorn was for many visitors the most popular photo object (who wants to shoot wolves if there is a sooo sweet Ridgeback Babie ;-)?) 
More images in the gallery below Tierpark Sababurg
Enaya latched on to the Centennial Exhibition in Dortmund V4 an excellent, well-attended in the intermediate class. We are very proud of our little princess.
Many thanks to Susanne silk thread, for the beautiful pictures, and spending time on the ring :-)!
Time to say goodbye ..........
Our Gang pulls to their new families.
Touching images and a few words of thanks can be found in the  A-litter diary
A beautiful Sunday ......
Read more in our A-litter diary .
On the weekend we had a visit from our dear friends Heike and Holm hunters with their dream-Boys
Abutambu, Chiwambo and Eastwood.
Shani and Enaya times were delighted to have her dad Abutambu for a whole weekend and also the 
extensive romp with Chiwambo and Eastwood, they enjoyed very much.
There has been much told, laughed and ate super good! Dear Heike, rather Holm, thank you for the great happy hours with you and look forward to seeing you again soon.
Heike love you, we want to say "thank you" for the incredibly beautiful pictures you made. You have us and the puppies parents that prepares a great joy!